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Welcome to DK Accountancy

We are an independent and progressive practice. It is our belief that our job is to do all we can to help each client to be successful. We offer a professional, prompt and a personalised service.

Our policy of keeping up to date of current affairs, business trends, opportunities and anything else which may affect our clients and their businesses ensures that we are in an ideal position to offer the most appropriate advice.

In today’s business environment it is absolutely vital that you place your trust and your business in an organisation that can offer a total solution for your business.

We like to work closely with clients and are happy to visit their premises to provide accountancy, taxation and business advice over a wider range of services than more normally associated with accountancy practices.

This may not be what you have come to expect from your accountant and we have been told that we are a little unusual. However, we have been operating like this for few years, and our clients prefer this one to one service.

Our philosophy has always been based around a simple belief that it is not just about money. It is about your lifestyle and that of those close to you.

That is why we have a policy of getting actively involved in our clients’ business so that we get to the business well enough to offer help when help is needed and offer the most appropriate advice.

If clients like the way we do things, it reflects well on us. Our professional services are good for their business and we foster long-term relationships which provide benefits for us and them.


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